SpaceTime Reading Challenge Tracking

The SpaceTime Reading Challenge is a challenge focused on reviewing sci-fi of any sort. Whether that be a futuristic society living on Mars, a grand adventure across space, or a simple story about a robot. Anything sci-fi goes.


Review: We Are Legion – We Are Bob by Dennis E. Taylor

From the beginning to the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The intriguing start, the journey and stories that were encountered throughout the various star systems, and even back on Earth, and the stories that are still waiting to be told come the end. 

I’m Back!

I think I only posted here once before disappearing. I'd like to start reading more, and therefore posting book reviews. I'm not promising that the reviews will be long. Hell, I'm not promising that I won't disappear after one post. But the thought is there. That's what counts, right?